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Monthly Patreon Devlog: December 2022

Here is the Tiny Bytes monthly Patreon dev log! Read about what our patrons are up to in their game development!
Monthly Patreon Devlog: December 2022

Thanks to the support of our wonderful Byters, we were able to publish 8 issues of our newsletters during the past month as well as 2 developer interviews (NoBread Studio and Two and a Half Studios)! Some of our supporters have gone a step further and joined our top tiers, Alfy's Fan Club & Company Supporters; at these tiers, we invite developers to share monthly status updates with our readers about their projects.

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Miracle Moon

Decide 4 God (Third game in the Abime series)

Image via Miracle Moon

The work on Decide 4 God continues. So far this month:

· The first path of the game is now completely finished.

· 36 segments are into the game (14 of them are still being worked on to some degree).

· Many sprites for characters standing around rooms have been completed.

· The ending screens and related achievements have been coded.

The game has been unfortunately delayed by a couple months. Its new release date is tentatively near the end of April, but it may be later in 2023. I’m now writing the meat of the game – most of the routes – and coding them.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on Miracle Moon’s games as well as the development of Decide 4 God, you join their Discord server here! You can also follow them on Twitter. If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend checking out the other entries in the Abime series: Head AS Code and Birth ME Code, both of which can be purchased on either itch or Steam.

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