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Tiny Bytes for 1/30/23

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Tiny Bytes for 1/30/23
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The Good People (Na Daoine Maithe) is fully funded on Kickstarter!

Image via Moirai Myths

The Good People (Na Daoine Maithe), a romance-fantasy visual novel heavily influenced by Irish mythology and Celtic folklore, has reached its initial funding goal of CA $32,465! The team behind the game, Moirai Myths, is now focusing on reaching their stretch goals, which include side stories, sprite customization for the main character and Daonna, and expanded voice acting, just to name a few. If you are interested in supporting the project, you still have time to pledge to the game's Kickstarter! You can pledge to the Kickstarter here. If you haven't played the demo for The Good People (Na Daoine Maithe), you can download it on either Steam or itch.io.

We interviewed Moirai Myths earlier this month. If you would like to check out our interview with them, you can read it here.

The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen is now on Kickstarter!

Image via Too Many Teeth Studios
Content Warnings: The game contains gore, sexual references, and violence.

The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen is an upcoming horror-mystery visual novel where a demon has been summoned, and it's aiming to kill you and your friends. You need to not only survive but also figure out how to get rid of the demon. One of the main draws of The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen is that it features a stress mechanic where everyone has a stress level that needs to be managed. If it gets too high, that could result in that character dying. It provides a lot of tension when it comes to decision making and allows for multiple playthroughs to see how the story changes depending on who is alive.

The game is looking to receive AU $2,000. The game has six stretch goals if the initial funding goal is met, which include voice acting, additional gameplay modes, and more art. If you would like to support the game on Kickstarter, you can pledge to the project here.

You can download the demo for The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen on Steam and itch.io.

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Image via SaeLin Studios
Content Warning: This game contains gaslighting, implied violence, past trauma, and slight mentions of death.

With no memories, you find yourself in a room with a strange scientist named Silvain who is researching sentience with AI. You happen to be his newest project: an AI who can feel and think like a human can. However, you can't help but feel as though there's more to this project than the scientist is letting on. Will you trust him?

You can download Artificial on itch.io for free.

Beneath Her Starry Sky

Image via Sylphsong, Inc.
Note: This game was suggested by a patron.

In a world where everyone is stuck in a never-ending time loop where their end is brought on by a terrible monster, you are brought in with the tasks of saving the future and breaking the time loop. As Freya Fae, you'll need to find an assassin named Orick Genn, the orchestrator of the terrible events that ultimately lead to everyone's destruction. With the help of your allies, will you able to change the course of history, or will you all be doomed to repeat it once more?

You can buy Beneath Her Starry Sky for US $14.99 on Steam.


Image via moohm

In Freelancing, you play as a measly Squire who dreams of becoming a Knight. However, the lack of funds is making it hard for you to get into Knight School. To get the funds needed to get into Knight School, you've decided to assemble gear for Knights who are about to embark on quests. You'll have to listen carefully to them, as they'll give you critical information about the quest that'll help you outfit the Knight correctly. By giving them the correct gear, not only will the Knight succeed on their mission, but you'll also receive a good review and be compensated properly for your work.

You can play Freelancing in-browser on itch.io.

Queen of Moths


In this short horror game, you're taking your normal route home by train. As always, you're changing trains at a stop that's in the forest. Although this routine should feel familiar by now, you can't help but feel uneasy. There's a strange man also at the station who says to you that he's waiting and that everyone is waiting. He then disappears into the forest. Despite your anxiety, you decide to follow him into the forest. What will you find hidden within the dark, snow-covered forest?

You can download Queen of Moths for free on itch.io.

the blue room

Image via miseri

the blue room is centered on the playable character awakening from a nightmare where they find themself in a classroom with their friend Elliot. It's not the first time you've dozed off in class, or in general, for that matter, though it is the first time you've slept through an entire class. However, with so much work to do, you can't sleep when you're actually supposed to. You also don't have the time to relax because there's work and studying that needs to be done. It has to get done. If not, what does that say about you? But, you have to wonder...is all of this work worth it doing if you can't live your life?

You can download the blue room for free on itch.io.

OtAlfy playing a video game with decorative pink text next to him. The text reads "Other New Games You Might Like!"

Digital Exorcist

Image via Cool Beans Productions

Instead of celebrating the new year, Digital Exorcist Sawyer and his partner Tomodachi arrive at a crime scene with a dead body. As you investigate, you find some clues that seem like more than just a demon ended this poor victim's life. Will you be able to get to the bottom of what happened? Throughout the game, you'll get into fights with digital demons, and much like the game's name suggests, you'll have to exorcise them by killing them in cyberspace.

You can download Digital Exorcist on itch.io for free.

Lost Cartridge - Cold Read

Image via PureIceBlue

All Mitch wanted to do was go to the pharmacy right before a big storm. However, on the way back from his trip, a car accident causes him to take another route home. As he's walking back home, the snow begins to come down faster and the temperature drops fast. Not wanting to freeze out in the cold, Mitch finds shelter in a library in hopes of finding a phone so he can call for help. But what Mitch finds inside instead are monsters that want to kill him. If Mitch wants to get out alive, he'll need to keep quiet and avoid all the traps that are set in place for him.

You can purchase Lost Cartridge - Cold Read for US $4.99 on Steam.


Screenshot by VN Game Den
Content Warning: This game is focused on anxiety and depression.

You play as a depressed cat working a office job where no one values them. They're seen as a slacker who is just wasting company money because they have to work after hours to finish up their endless amount of tasks. When they want to talk about how they're struggling with their father, he wants to hear none of it; he prefers to change the subject to something less uncomfortable or just leave the room altogether. It's a very short but deep story that manages to shine light on what it's like to live with depression.

You can play Meouch in-browser on itch.io.

Omurice Next Time

Image via Griffin Cyan

This cute story focuses Finn and Gray, a gay couple that live an ordinary and simple life. The game shows off their life together, highlighting their highs and lows. And even when life does have its lows, it shows how Finn and Gray can confine in each other and show that everything is going to be okay because they have each other. It's a short, heartwarming game that'll have you smiling throughout.

You can purchase Omurice Next Time for US $4.99 on itch.io.

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An Outcry

Image via Quinn K.
Content Warning: This game contains abuse, animal death (can be opted out of), blood, flashing images, gore, recreational drug use, sudden loud noises, suicide, and transphobia.

In this horror RPG, the Unnamed—a 25-year-old shut-in—lives in apartment #3. However, one night, they lock themself out of their apartment without their necessities on them: their lighter and cigarettes. You go around asking your neighbors for a smoke though almost none of them want to help you, preferring to disparage you instead. When you eventually get some cigarettes, you head outside to smoke one. As you do, you're interrupted by a sharp cry and shadows of birds appear around you, but only for a moment. You can choose to follow the noise or ignore it. What will you do?

You can purchase An Outcry for US $9.99 on Steam and itch.io.


Image via Max Manco
This game was suggested by our patron Simon!

In Exit/Corners, five strangers find themselves trapped in a hotel that is going to collapse in twenty-four hours. If they want to escape with their lives, they'll need to solve the puzzles that their captor has set up for them and figure out why they're all there in the first place. Originally an episodic game, all twenty-nine episodes are now out, so you can play the mystery from start to end.

You can play Exit/Corners in-browser on the game's official website.


Image via aisyahtsu
Content Warning: Return is about coping with the loss of a pet, so in turn it contains themes of grief and mourning.

You play as a young man who has recently lost his beloved pet cat that he's had since he was a child. You'll go through his apartment, looking back on memories of him and his cat and see how much the loss is affecting him. It's a sad game that has a sweet ending attached to it.

You can download Return or play it in-browser on itch.io.

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Image via CatTrigger

Last week, we interviewed Fable Novel! If you haven't checked out our interview with them, you can read it here.

Next week, we will be interviewing CatTrigger. A Chicago-based artist and game developer, CatTrigger has made numerous comics over the years as well as games. Their latest releases include Long Time No Life, Melissa💗, and Morris💗! We've asked them about their first visual novel The Last Job, their return to making VNs in 2021 by adapting their comic Bad Faith into a game, and Melissa💗! Look forward to that interview when it releases next week.

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The Importance of Starting with a Well-Staged Focal Point, a background tutorial by Jim Zub

Drawing art can be difficult. There's a lot to consider when drawing, and one of the questions many artists ask themselves is: where do I start? Having a good foundation for your artwork can lead to a great piece. Artist Jim Zub has made a informative thread about how starting with a strong focal point can strengthen your art. By having one, you can build around it, making it a lot easier to know what should and shouldn't go into your piece.

Represent Me

Represent Me is a not-for-profit queer-focused organization that creates inclusive resources to improve representation and company culture within the video game industry. Their site has a plethora of resources regarding diversity and even some of their own articles about the topic. We strongly suggest checking out their site and following them on Twitter to learn more about intersectional diversity and inclusion.

Royalty-Free Sound Effects Pack by FilmCow

FilmCow, a YouTuber who has produced animation series like Ghost and Charlie the Unicorn, has released his own sound pack that is free to use in personal and commercial projects. His SFX pack contains over 4,000 sound effects that range from foley and materials to sci-fi and mechanical sounds. If you're in the market for sound effects for your game, check out FilmCow's SFX pack!

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