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Tiny Bytes XOXO for 2/1/2023

Here is the Tiny Bytes: XOXO for 2/1/23, where we discuss romance visual novels and adjacent games! Read about news, game releases, game jams, and more!
Tiny Bytes XOXO for 2/1/2023
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An eldritch horror dating game, NecroNomNomNom, is coming soon...

Have you ever wanted to go on a date with Lovecraftian creatures? Now is your chance, because NecroNomNomNom: Eldritch Horror Dating takes you to an underwater cafe known as Café R'lyeh, where you have the chance to go on blind dates with frightening beasts and taste horrifying cuisines. Did someone say roasted tentacles in garlic sauce?

You'll find the artwork in NecroNomNomNom is highly detailed with realistic sprite animations. The game is listed as coming soon with no announced release date.

You can wishlist NecroNomNomNom and download the demo on Steam.

Furry Finder, a dating app visual novel, is coming soon!

One of the latest romance-themed VNs to reveal their coming soon page on Steam is Furry Finder, a visual novel about finding love as a shy furry. The protagonist, Alexis, has just been through a breakup with her long-term girlfriend, but now she's ready to get back into the game and find true love. Thanks to Furry Finder, a dating app for furries, Alexis can connect with potential love interests.

Furry Finder features in-game phone mechanics and interactivity for players to chat with potential love interests. Think you can help Alexis find her soulmate?

The game is expected to release sometime in 2023. Help Alexis find her true love in Furry Finder, coming soon on Steam.

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Today, I'm Harvesting You!

Content warnings: suggestive language, violence, gore

Our protagonist wants nothing more than to be happy in life, but happiness can be a distant dream when you live a life of poverty. Enter the mysterious masked character with strange harvesting requests—but will fulfilling these orders make the MC happy? The game has a very immersive playstyle with moving images and constant dialogue interaction and choices. Get ready to go on a series of dates and decide if you will love them...or harvest their organs instead.

You can play Today, I'm Harvesting You! for free on itch.io, either through a download or in-browser.

Menage a Trois

Sol's family, the owners of a multi-million dollar tomato soup enterprise, ship her off to the prestigious Ivy University to study business. Sol is your average gloomy college kid, a stark contrast to the upbeat love interest and Sol's longtime sweetheart, Chet Chester. Even more of a contrast to the duo is Bill, the freshman quarterback who comes off as a little bit of a hothead at first. The three represent what it's like to find love and friendship in college.

Menage a Trois is a transgender, queer romance following a trio of college kids. The game very accurately captures the ups and downs of college life.

Play Menage a Trois for free on itch.io. You can also get to know the characters better in the prequel, Moments, and the sequel, Meaning.

Rapscallions On Deck!

Larsa (renameable) is a strong-willed girl who's been mistaken as a boy and swept up by a crew of pirates. She wakes up on board their pirate ship, setting sail across the seas with lawless pirates with nothing but her fiery temper, a mop, and rum for days. Larsa is eager to return to the port and restore her lost memories (and get away from these ruthless pirates), but as she sails with her newfound crewmates, she finds they really aren't all that bad. They each have a quirky side, which makes them all incredibly lovable. Rapscallions On Deck is an otome visual novel with nine different endings. Are you ready to fall in love with pirates?

You can buy Rapscallions On Deck! for US $4.99 on Steam or itch.io.


Content warnings: implied violence, past trauma, slight mentions of death, gaslighting

In Artificial, the protagonist has no recollection of who they are or even what their name is, and all that they can rely on is a mysterious scientist with a screwdriver. The game touches on dark subjects such as grief and loss, but overall centers around romance and the relationship between the MC and the stranger.

Artificial is a mystery-romance visual novel where players can choose their own name and pronouns.

You can play Artificial for free on itch.io.

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What We Found There

If you're a fan of Stranger Things, look no further. What We Found There focuses on the relationship between Eddie and Chrissy. The game kicks off with letting players choose which story they want to hear first, Eddie's or Chrissy's; each path takes you into their POV and captures the voice of their character. This fantasy/horror game is filled with puzzles and what-if scenarios based on the popular TV show.

What We Found There is a noncommercial game made by Stranger Things fans and is an ongoing project.

You can play the What We Found There demo on itch.io.

Under Pretense of Death

Under Pretense of Death is a high-fantasy romance visual novel that takes place in a magical fairy kingdom, where magic and technology coincide. The story follows Solis, a half-blood female elf on an adventure to fulfill her friend's final wishes. The game allows players to choose a path of romance and align with a faction, or choose a path of solitude. The artwork is highly realistic and stylized, making it stand out from other visual novels. Under Pretense of Death is listed as coming soon, with no official release date announced.

You can play the standalone Under Pretense of Death demo on itch.io and can wishlist the game on Steam.

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These are a few games that have been released for a while and we think are worth checking out. Have you played these yet?

Dabbling in Drama

Containing art reminiscent of shoujo manga, Dabbling in Drama follows sophomore student Charm, who has recently transferred from the Philippines. Charm joins the high school drama club and meets Asa, a handsome junior and aspiring Broadway actor. Unfortunately, Asa can be a little bit big-headed and even vain, flexing his fame and causing drama in the club. It's up to Charm to find a way to navigate the drama and hopefully land herself a boyfriend in the process.

You can play Dabbling in Drama for free on itch.io.

The Ratchelor

In The Ratchelor, choose your rat and choose the rats you date from a large selection of handsome ratchelors. Next, you'll be involved in a speed dating event where you get to know your potential suitors. All of them have something to say to show off their fabulous personality. Spend more time with these dating show contestants to find which one of them is your true match!

This game features cute hand-drawn artwork. It is the perfect game for players that enjoy comedy dating games and are looking for a lighthearted experience.

You can play The Ratchelor for free on itch.io.

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Martha is a strong, capable warrior who at first seems cold and unapproachable, but as you get to know her, you realize she is kind and caring. While her troubled past makes her cold on the surface, her dedication to Ada is heartwarming. Martha is from the fantasy kinetic novel To Libertad.

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